Weddings at Grace Lutheran Church are set within the context of a larger ministry to families.  The wedding ceremony is a worship service honoring the Triune God, and is an occasion to support the bridal couple with the power of God’s Word and the prayers of the church.  Couples wishing to be married at Grace are required to meet with the pastor for pre-marital counseling. 

For information on having your wedding here please contact the church office at (208) 549-4191 or email us at using the Contact Us tab on this website. 

Before contacting the church please read the following marriage requirements.

Christian marriage is a rite of the church and a spiritual event.  Therefore, when held within the church, the wedding is a service of praise, thanksgiving, and worship, in which God’s guidance and blessings are asked for the couple as they pledge their faith and love to each other “until they are parted by death.”  Those desiring to be married at Grace Lutheran Church or by the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church are expected to be active members at Grace Lutheran Church or relatives of members and actively involved in their own local Christian community.  Under special circumstances the pastor at Grace may be allowed to perform weddings outside of these boundaries after consultation with and approval by the Board of Elders at Grace Lutheran Church. 

The following requirements are to be met to secure approval for your wedding at Grace Lutheran Church.  Please note, the pastor can refuse the right to service at any time if he feels it is appropriate.  This includes even on the day of the wedding.

  • No other pastor of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has refused to perform your marriage unless it can be shown that such a refusal was unreasonable, unjust, arbitrary, and not scripturally justifiable.
  • In the case of either party being divorced, documentation must be provided that prove the divorce is complete.  If the divorce has taken place less than one year from the date of preparation further conversation will be necessary before approval will be granted.  If there are children from a previous marriage it must be shown that all responsibilities to those children are being met.