By God’s grace we are the place where

…our family members grow in love for and knowledge of God

Grace Lutheran Family Ministry:

Ministries and programs are not the goal. Helping families learn to know, love, and trust in God is the win for Grace. Ministries are simply our platform for communicating and contextualizing God’s message, the Gospel, to different types of people, including children. Not only are Bible studies available for adults, youth, and children to be a part of, but we provide multiple opportunities for fun in fellowship, classes in parenting, marriage, and life, and a loving community to guide the entire family unit to Christ. See our Director of Family Ministries Lynnette for more information on upcoming classes and opportunities!

Family Focus Nights 

Here at Grace we are committed to providing opportunities for families to bond and create memories that can impact and strengthen the family unit in Christ! 

Once a month we hold a Family Focus Night where inter-generational families can come together for pre-planned activities.

We will resume Family Focus Nights in the Fall! 


Classes Offered

Check Back Later! Taking a break for the summer!

Milestone Ministry