Community Service

Community Service


By God’s grace we are the place where

…our Community Knows that we Love God and Love Them



Grace offers a variety of opportunities to serve the community.


In August 2016, Grace conducted it’s 1st annual mission trip to Caldwell, ID – our own city.  We were so blessed doing this that it is our intent, Lord willing, to do this each summer.

“Love Your City, Caldwell” is an intentional week serving organizations who need some extra help.  Click here to check out some pictures from past years’ projects.  Just click on the “Love Your City” picture album after you’re directed to our Facebook page.

In 2016 we:

  • Cleared over ONE TON of weeds off of a double lot for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Cleared THREE to FOUR TONS of weeds and spread 150+ square yards of bark at Lincoln, Sacajawea, Lewis & Clark Elementary Schools and Jefferson Middle School in the Caldwell School District.
  • Cleaned every classroom in the new Ridgevue High School (just opened this fall) and moved stored items out of a much needed classroom space and moved approximately 100 desks into various rooms at Vallivue Middle School in the Vallivue School District.
  • Painted a living space, hung & trimmed curtains and donated linens, towels & dishes at Hope’s Door Domestic Violence Shelter.
  • Completed yard work for two families from the Senior Center.
  • Secured a deck & built an ADA compliant wheelchair ramp for a husband and wife who had contacted Grace through Metro Community Service.

From Grace Lutheran Church and Preschool’s perspective this was all good. But they wanted to share with the community what made that week of service GREAT. We were able to meet people where they were and show them God’s love by…

  • Serving maintenance directors who didn’t know how they were going to get playgrounds or classrooms ready for the first day of school – and then praying with them and for them. Praying on every playground for the students and teachers who would be using these spaces this school year.
  • Taking a dirty room and transforming it into a place of peace and comfort for a family who has been traumatized. Praying for the future family that will occupy that room.
  • Connecting with hurting families and letting them know they are not forgotten. Praying for each family we served.
  • Coming together every day as a church family for devotions and prayer. Getting to know one another better. Deepening our own relationships.
  • Seeing that God could do far more than we could imagine through a few ordinary people with willing hands – our God can work miracles!

Here’s what one of our teen workers Maddie said –


“Volunteering this week has truly been a blessing. Although it has been very difficult, we’ve gotten so many things accomplished and I am so proud of us. Clearing a lot to build a house, pulling weeds on elementary playgrounds, building a deck, painting walls, donating fans, moving furniture, cleaning, and running errands for the elderly; is just an overall amazing experience. And just by giving back to my community, and trying to help people in any way we could and getting the appreciation and gratitude from these people in need is more rewarding than any amount of money. But our church was never about the money. We WANT to help others in any way we can. We’ve all worked really hard together, and we never gave up even in some difficult situations, we’ve supported each other, even when we had blisters and cuts and bruises, we have always been there for each other. To help pick us up, when we are down, and to help us recognize that it’s not always about ourselves, but about serving our God. — Grace Lutheran isn’t just a church, but it’s also my family and my home.”

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7