Sunday School

Sunday School


We love our Sunday School!  

Kids are excited to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other!

Our teachers are dedicated to passing on the faith:


2017-18 Sunday School Staff

Preschool: Patty Eckman
1st-2nd Grade: Amber Rau
3rd-4th Grade: Patti Lawson
5th-6th Grade: Carolyn Bryden
7th -8th Grade: Carla Shields
High School: Mark Elli
Special Needs Class: Sharon Hensen

Grace has a heart for Special Needs Ministry.  Mrs. Hensen loves her students.  This class consists of high school & adult aged students.

Children with Special Needs are mainstreamed into our children’s classes at the level their parents are most comfortable.



Camp Grace Summer Sunday School

Sunday School continues throughout the summer months.  We give our “regular” teachers the summer off and different facilitators lead each week with a special summer curriculum.